Tubal Ligation

Many people know tubal ligation as having your “tubes tied” or tubal sterilization. During this procedure, the fallopian tubes are either cut, tied, or blocked permanently to prevent pregnancy. This will block the egg from traveling from the ovaries through the fallopian tubes, and it will block sperm from reaching the egg.

This procedure can be performed at any time but it cannot be reversed without the use of major surgery–which isn’t always effective. Tubal ligation is an effective and popular form of surgical sterilization, so you will no longer need to use birth control. It does not protect women from STDs, however. The procedure may also decrease the risk of ovarian cancer, and especially if the fallopian tubes are removed.

Before you undergo the tubal ligation procedure at the VIVA! GYN clinic in Bend, Dr. Palacio will discuss your reasons for wanting sterilization. Together, you can also discuss the factors and risks involved. Obesity, diabetes and previous abdominal or pelvic surgeries can all lead to complications with a tubal ligation procedure.

Schedule a Tubal Ligation Consultation

If you’re interested in tubal sterilization and you live in the Bend, Oregon area, please use the consultation form below. If you have any questions about the procedure, give our office a call at (541) 323-3747. Dr. Palacio is happy to address any concerns and questions you might have.