Ovarian Surgery

Ovarian surgery (also known as an oophorectomy) is performed to remove one or both ovaries from the body. This procedure may be necessary to decrease the risk of or treat ovarian cancer. Ovarian cysts & abscesses may also require this procedure, as will benign tumors and endometriosis (abnormal tissue growth of the uterine lining). The amount of surgery needed will depend on how far the cancer has spread and your overall health. For women of childbearing age who have certain kinds of tumors and whose cancer is at an early stage, service may be possible without removing the uterus and both ovaries.

The oophorectomy procedure can be performed alone, but often it is included with a hysterectomy for women who have undergone menopause. If you have an increased risk of ovarian cancer, ovarian surgery is often combined with a salpingectomy (the removal of the fallopian tubes), since they share a common blood supply with the ovaries. There are risks involved with oophorectomies, but the procedure is relatively safe. Dr. Palacio can discuss these risks during your initial consultation. Schedule today to discuss your ovarian surgery options with Dr. Palacio.

Ovarian Surgery in Central Oregon

At VIVA! GYN, we have the ability to perform this minimally invasive surgery at our clinic in Bend–saving you from a trip to the hospital. With something as serious and as delicate as ovarian surgery, you need a doctor you can trust. Communication is key with our patients. Our consultations allow for that communication to be established. Dr. Palacio will discuss the procedure with you, and he wants you to feel comfortable discussing any questions and concerns you might have. To schedule a consultation, use the form below.