Help for heavy periods and abnormal bleeding from NovaSure

Heavy or irregular periods during the 30s and 40s is common and often disruptive physically, emotionally, and socially. NovaSure is a one-time, five-minute, hormone-free office procedure that can lighten or end your problem periods without hormonal side effects.

NovaSure is designed to remove the uterine lining (the endometrium) which is the part of your body that causes heavy bleeding. The uterus is left intact and there are no incisions required. In terms of the success rate, 9 out of 10 women will find that their heavy periods are dramatically reduced or they’ve stopped altogether.

What to Expect During the Procedure

NovaSure can be performed at any time during your cycle, even if you are in the middle of your period. The process uses netting to fit the size and shape of your uterus, and then precisely measured radiofrequency energy will be delivered to that area for roughly 90 seconds. After that time, the netting and the wand that was used to implement it will be removed from your uterus. Then we will discuss specific discharge instructions with you.

Is the Procedure Right For Me?

This procedure is only for women who are absolutely sure that they do not want to give birth to children in the future. Again, the uterine lining will be removed during the procedure, and this is the area in your body where the bleeding originates and it’s essential for nurturing the growth of a fetus.

You can still get pregnant after a NovaSure endometrial ablation procedure, but it will be very dangerous for both you and the fetus. Before we carry out this procedure, we will discuss contraception options with you.

If you suffer from problem periods and do not wish to have children in the future, ask Dr. Palacio about NovaSure. Call us at (541) 323-3747 to learn more about service for heavy periods and abnormal bleeding or schedule an appointment at your convenience.