The VIVA! GYN Experience

It is hard to believe it has been several years since I transitioned my practice from a busy OBGYN office to a specialty gynecology center. In my old practice, there were four busy physicians and a large office staff to keep things running smoothly from one day to the next.

We had a large waiting room which was always filled with prenatal and postnatal patients, young kids who joined their parents in appointments, and phones that rung off the hook all day.

While I often miss the obstetric part of my practice where I served so many young women in Central Oregon, I realized there was an opportunity to focus on specialized gynecology and reach another segment of our female population as they navigate the next phase of their life through menopause.

As you might imagine, my specialty gynecology practice looks quite different. As a solo practitioner, my office is small, quiet and inviting. The furniture and fixtures more closely resembles a spa environment with comfy couches and chairs. The phones still ring, but they remain behind a partition and the majority of my patients are very pleased with the slower pace and extra time they get with each appointment.

I invite you to make an appointment so that you can get the full VIVA! GYN experience. With a significant improvement in waiting times and more, I know you’ll be glad you did.
-Dr. Peter Palacio